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Situated in the center of a triangle formed by the industrial poles of Orléans, Bourges and Nevers, the company benefits from a strategic geographical position. Steered by a young team and a dynamics, POLY-MECA with its 35 collaborators offers you solutions today combining the requirements of quality and competitiveness of the industry of tomorrow.

General mechanics of Precision
A know-how of 30 years in manufacturing of precision. Human skills allied to a park hatch successful, diversified and state-of-the-art assure you the best of the quality, at the lowest price and for the shortest delays.

Office of Mechanical Study and Automatisms
Animated by a general-purpose and additional team, our Office of Study acquired a serious experience based for more than 10 years on a narrow collaboration with the various partner branches of industry

Special machines
The complementarity of an innovative and creative Office of Study and a workshop of production to the perfectly knows techniques contribute to the realization of your equipments of production answering your requirements of quality and performance


Beside special machines, POLYMECA is now expert in simulators in the field of the aviation and helicopters.

Its knowledge allows to digitize, to copy to the identical, to model the function of machines like airplane, helicopter and more generally all equipment that quit ground, air or maritime machine, the exploitation of which is too expensive for the training.

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